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On the course page, in addition to watching the course videos, you can also download the course material and other useful documents that add something to the course. You can then conclude the course with the test. If you pass the test successfully, you will receive a certificate. If you fail on the first attempt, you will get 2 resits.

The test consists of multiple choice questions and if you score sufficiently, you will receive your certificate by email.

For all online courses, you can call or email us if you have any questions.


There are also additional downloads with each course. Of course, the subject matter covered is in PDF format, but relevant inspection lists in WORD are also included with our inspection courses. The CE marking course even includes a sample technical construction file as a download (ZIP). The ATEX Explosion Safety Document course contains an example EVD.

We recommend downloading the (additional) documentation before you start the course, because such documents are covered in the course so that you can also apply them in practice during and after the course.


After you have ordered the course you will be redirected to the webshop.

You can complete the order there and after a successful payment you will receive an email with a PDF file attached. The PDF file contains a link to the course you have chosen. Keep this email safe because the link will always take you back to your course.


Inspection climbing equipment (ladder, stairs and mobile scaffolding)

We treat ladders, stairs and mobile scaffolding. Many pictures are used in the videos to make it as practical as possible what is right and wrong.

Preview course environment