Imports from outside the EU & EEA

When it comes to imports of products from outside the EEA to EU countries, the distinction between the CE product Directives (machinery, low voltage, EMC Directive, etc.) and the product liability directive is very important.

The importer is product liable. However hier does not have to be CE responsible. Each manufacturer may affix the CE marking to his products provided that the product meets all legal requirements. As soon as a product of the EEA is placed on the market in the EU, it is covered by European regulations.

From that moment on, the importer is liable! If the manufacturer does not arrange the CE mark, the importer will have to do this. If the CE marking is arranged then that is fine. The importer adds his declaration of conformity with the product (or has it done at the manufacturer's country) and thatís it.

However, there must be an agreement on the availability of files, etc. This is necessary because the importer is addressed to CE aspects! It is therefore important that the importer has the necessary evidence.