Import and CE Issues

We bought a machine outside the EU. This is a machine for own use. The question is whether the machine should be CE marked.

The machine is from a country outside the EU. Therefore, no CE marking may be made by the manufacturer. This should only be undertaken by companies or importers in the EU. Why this appointment? If someone wants to bring cases to justice if something is wrong with this machine, which causes damage, then the company outside the EU is unable to sue within the EU. And the European directives only apply within the EU. So there must be a company located in the EU which is legally responsible for matters relating to this machine.

Because you use the machine in the EU, CE marking is obligatory and you are responsible in this case.

The machine is likely to fall under the Machinery Directive, the EMC Directive and the Low Voltage Directive. Visit our CE Tool to determine where the machine must meet at least. There you can also carry out the risk analysis.