Low Voltage Directive

Electrical equipment for the purposes of this Directive shall be understood to mean electrical equipment intended for a nominal AC voltage between 50 V and 1 000 V and a nominal DC voltage between 75 V and 1 500 V, with the exception of the material and phenomena listed in Annex II.


Annex II

Material and phenomena not covered by this Directive:

Electrical equipment intended for use in explosive environments;

Electroadiological and electromedical material;

Electrical section of passenger and freight lifts;

Electricity meters;

Sockets and contact tips for household use;

Power supply fittings;

Radio-electrical interference;

Specialized electrical equipment intended for use in ships or aircraft or at the railways complying with the safety regulations established by international institutions in which the Member States are affiliated.

In the CE Tool you will be guided through the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive.